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Should we display photos of non-living relatives at home and workplaces?

Updated: Jan 19

The answer is Yes. We must always remember that everything in this world is mortal and exists for a definite period. If we hang pictures of our deceased loved ones in our home and offices, we will have an attachment with that person and this denotes that you miss them and want them in your life. However, the law of nature defines that a soul must be set free.

Attachment to something gives birth to the law of attraction. After death, we often use the phrase of Rest in Peace (R.I.P.), but we ourselves contradict that by remembering them every day. Our thoughts put mental waves to work, and thus we keep on surfing with the memories that we have lived in our lives. It’s true that this world has more pain than happiness, but that pain also comes from the attachment that we hold for the gone ones.

Nevertheless, keeping attachment to a soul up to a certain extent is okay, but what not okay is to hold the same feelings once the person has gone. You can keep your deceased loved one’s images in the album, but not as a posture as it is not considered auspicious for people living in that property. Remember, the blessings of your loved ones will always be there.

Remember them in your heart and their love will always stay with you, but there’s no good in keeping their pictures. Everyone must deserve to get salvation after death. Let them be merged with the Almighty, let them live their life and enjoy the phase between death and life.

Hope this helps!

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