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No matter whether you are a young entrepreneur, a professional or an athlete, many successful people around the globe needed internal and mental support from life coaches and will always need that. All of us have a purpose in life to realise and my purpose is to make you the biggest loser of all the negativity you might be holding in your heart & revolutionise your life with abundance manifestation.  


You are in the middle of change and don’t know what to expect. 

You need to make a change and don’t know how to make it happen. 

Your plans never take shape as you wish. 

You feel that you are not living a lavish life.  

You are craving for financial freedom. 

You feel stressed and

fighting within. 

You feel unsupported & depressed about a particular aspect of your life 

You feel fountain of love in your life is drying up.  

Your relationships are

falling apart. 

And no one understands you...or it could be more 

 If you can resonate, know that I am here for you.  


I have touched more than a thousand lives by helping people from more than 50 nationalities in understanding their inner strengths for the overall enhancement of their health, wealth, business and career prospects. As your guide, I will walk you through the journey on this beautiful blue planet to ensure that you grow through the life challenges and achieve your true potential to succeed in all facets of life.  


I know that you really want to win over your challenges and live a luminous, inspiring and meaningful life and If you are here reading this right now, it’s evident that you are willing to let go of what doesn’t serve you and design your life in a chosen fashion. 


Changing lives is my passion. As a coach, I don’t give a road to walk rather I teach how to walk on the road.  

I bring with myself over forty years of experience of working closely with individuals, groups and businesses achieve beyond their desired goals. I deliver you a solution that is tailor made to your needs and your lifestyle. 


One thing that differentiates my clients from the crowd is their abundant position in all areas of their life. 

I can help you with....

Anger Management  

Your Relationship with yourself 

Achieving your dreams with Breathing & Law of Attraction 

Fighting Procrastination with clear steps  

Stress Management

Inner Peace & Love 

Moving from a difficult position with ease & kindness 

Building strong image to face life with courage  

Designing a Lavish Life

Fighting your fears  

Tuning into romantic & compassionate relationships  

Mindfulness Meditation Breathe Right Practices  

Unleashing your intuition & inner wisdom 

Living in the moment 

Coping up with Drug & other Harmful Addictions   

Finding your true purpose 


My Coaching program relates to going deep into the issues of concern and learning the art of freeing ourselves from the limitations that we cage ourselves in. The program will help you design your own destiny in a desired manner.   


  • 15 minutes complimentary session before buying the program 

  • 24 sessions of 30 minute each per fortnight via phone, FaceTime or Google meet for one year

  • Unlimited email support between sessions 

  • BONUS Vaastu Shastra TIPS for Romantic Relationships

Total program cost is US $ 21,000 Per Person Per Annum


  •  Upfront payment of US$ 20,000 ($1,000 discount) 

  • 4  payments of US$ 5,125 ($500 discount) 

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